WTTC launches ‘Is it too much to ask?’ campaign

Mr David Scowscill the Outgoing President of WTTC

WTTC has launched a new campaign “ Is it too much to ask ?”, calling on travellers around the world to commit to a series of pledges to be more responsible travellers.

Opening with the stark line, “Remember, silence is consent”, the new website tells travellers to believe they have power to make change, declaring: “The travel industry caters to travellers’ needs and demands. So demand sustainability. Demand sustainable, responsible, and ethical practice. Demand that sustainability be made an option.”

Individuals can then commit to a series of pledges – and propose their own – that focus on both individual actions, and efforts to make the industry take greater responsibility.
“Is it Too Much to Ask?” was also the opening line of the speech made by WTTC’s departing President & CEO, David Scowsill at the recent WTTC Global Summit in Bangkok. Scowsill urged over 900 leading figures from the public and private sector to stand up and make a real difference, to think about how they might use tourism ‘Transforming our World’.

“We are now seeing the recalibration of global politics, it is becoming clearer that the economic growth we have enjoyed over the past half century, and the globalization that has driven it, is not working for everyone,” Scowsill said. “Governments are calling into question some of the basic freedoms of people movement and trade, upon which all our businesses so depend.”

He also asserted tourism’s role in responding to many of the pressures societies increasingly face. “The fear engendered by dividing us into races or religions destroys the notion that each human being is unique,” he added. “I believe wholeheartedly that closed borders lead to closed minds; that travel makes the world a better, more peaceful place, and that human encounters across cultures change us for the better. Travel is not for a privileged few.

The world and its astonishing beauties are for everyone. We believe in the fundamental right of anyone to travel, regardless of their nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation or age. Our sector must be accessible to all.”