#UNWTOElections: Korea confident of having best team to lead UNWTO

Ambassador Shim Dho-Young with Mr Carlos Vorgeler in Madrid

The Korean candidate for United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Secretary-General elections, Ambassador Dho Young-Shim, is confident she has the best team for the management of the organisation going forward.

Young-Shim argues her partnership with Carlos Vorgeler, one of four executive directors of the UNWTO, is what the organisation needs to build on the legacy of outgoing Secretary-general Dr. Taleb Rifai.

“I have a partnership with someone who knows the organisation, the limits and potential of all staff and who can run the organisation with transparency and accountability for me to go outside the UNWTO because we have to adjust and accomodate the ever changing environment”.

According to Ambassador Young-Shim, the tourism industry has developed and awareness has also gone up due to the hard work of Dr. Rifai “and we must cash in on that; we can’t be left behind.

Running mate Carlos Vorgeler, insists “this is the most solid candiacy we could present to the organisation” while explaining the need to innovate and renovate certain aspects of the organisation.

“We need to bring in agile structures which is very delivery focused working on objectives and delivering to our member States”.

Bohadla is of the view, UNWTO need to bring back member States who have left, not only because It needs their financial contributions but also because the organisation needs their representation.

“We need also to establish a value added proposition to our member states so they see the pride and value of being part of the UNWTO”.

The combination of Dho Young-Shim from Korea and Carlos Vorgeler from Spain the pair say offers gender and geopolitical balance, badly needed by the organisation.

Carlos Vorgeler said “it is not time for experiments or taking risks; we have enough turbulence in the world and UNWTO needs above all needs staility, building on the legacy and renovating what needs to be renovated”.

Ambassador Dho Young-Shim of the Republic of Korea is the only woman in the race and chairperson of the UNWTO ST-EP Foundation board of directors. She is championing an agenda for “a practical action plan towards a dependable and sustainable world tourism” by establishing international conventions on tourism, eliminating barriers to travel, crisis prevention, response and recovery as well embedding tourism as part of the global growth agenda. If she wins, Young-Shim will become the first woman to hold the position.

The latest development ongoing in Madrid makes Ambassador DHO is part of the three top runners for the job.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation is expected to elect a Secretary-General out of five candidates from Republic of Korea, Georgia, Zimbabwe, Colombia and Brazil on May 12.