#UNWTOElections: I am a Candidate For All Regions – Márcio Favilla

Mr Marcio Favilla at the conference venue in Madrid Spain

Márcio Favilla, the Brazilian candidate contending the UNWTO Secretary General position says he hopes to unite all regions under the organization to chart a new vision for the development of world tourism. Coming from a background that represents the best of both worlds in terms of cultural and environmental diversity from his home come country, Brazil, Mr. Favilla believes he has the requisite ability to steer the affairs of the UNWTO.

‘’ At this moment I feel that we have to develop a new vision for our sector, for the organization for the years to come. So what I want to do is to present to the Executive Council next year a new vision document so that it can be discussed and eventually adopted by our statutory body .So what I bring is sensitivity or sensibility to development issues into the diversity that there is in the world.

I come from a middle level income country which has some of the most developed features that you find in the world and also the least developed features that you find in the world and a country that has the challenges of both and not only in economic terms, but also environmental and cultural terms, and the opportunities and the possibilities that this diversity presents and I see that also in the world. And I feel I can work well with all regions. So all in all I have never seen myself as a candidate of one region, I am a candidate for all regions,’’ he noted.

With seven years’ experience as Executive Director for Operational Programmes and Institutional Relations of the World Tourism Organisation, Márcio Favilla is confident his abilities and capacities that have been built over the years have prepared him to denote all the sectors of the sector at the top.

He indicated: ‘’ What I bring is 37 years of experience with seven of them at the UNWTO.I have experience from the grass root level in the least developed area of my own country and going on to state and federal governments in the most diverse activities. But there is a thread of union in my work throughout this period which is that I have always worked with social and economic development issues.
And I think tourism is the most fascinating and yet concrete sector in which you can deliver to everyone, to all levels; to the poor, to the not-so-poor, to the developed, to the developing countries and different regions. So I bring in this experience, I bring in some personal skills; diplomatic skills, professionalism and of course I know the sector.

I have worked in my own country in my in the Ministry of Tourism. I have been the Vice Minister when the ministry was formed and I designed and implemented the National Development Plan for Tourism with my colleagues there as I have worked with my colleagues here. Nobody does things on their own; there is always a good team.’’

The Brazilian Candidate who describes himself as gender sensitive is promising exceptional management team to lead the organization with a mission for “continuous competitiveness and sustainability of UNWTO. Mr. Faivilla is looking to “foster effective integration with the United Nations system, step up effort to bring additional funding, ensuring safe secure travel and promoting partnerships among other policy targets.