Brazil Promotes Airline Connectivity as it Opens up for Travelers


In a bid to make the country, more accessible to visitors and tourists, Brazil says it is promoting airline connectivity, in order to create linkages to the European and English markets.

The move is aimed eliminating the difficulties most travelers go through in trying to go to the South American country. Brazil which is one of the world’s biggest cosmopolitan country, is home to diverse cultures from countries all over the world.


And its Tourism Minister Marx Beltrao, says promoting the airline connectivity will help other citizens to explore the country better while doing/ business. ‘’The first step we have take is to be able to provide for the European market to the English market, to be able to know and discover the futures of the Brazilian stock,’’ he said.

He said as a country which constantly plays host to an ever-growing number of travelers from across the globe, the airline connectivity will ease movement and also promote cultural cohesion. He stated, ‘’Brazilians travel all over the world and now we continue to receive all the population of the world in our country. It is part of the Brazilian culture and that’s the essence of our culture.

We are the type of people that know very well how to welcome all tribes of the world. So I hope the airline connectivity will be a step forward for the different capitals of Brazil an open them up for the people of Europe and England to be able to visit our country.’’

Mr. Beltrao who made this known at the sidelines of the recently held World Travel Market in London, added that the country’s tourism has very huge potential for tourists and the new government will whatever to make sure that the opportunities are explored to help the Brazilian economy.

‘’I would like to say that Brazil always has enormous potential for tourists which has never been explored in the way they should have been.  And with new President, he has all it takes to recover the economy, generate big jobs. He sees tourism as one of the biggest potentials to be able to recover the economy.’’

He mentioned that the government will put adequate measures in place for travelers to explore the potentials while discovering the country through tourism.