Nightlife in Ghana is a Huge Tourism Goldmine


Cocktails, bon fire party at the beach, gourmet dinners, Happy hour, movie night and the list is endless.
What does one do after a long day’s work especially on Fridays? Unwind! And that comes at a cost. This cost invariably has its impact on employment, wealth creation and eventual boom for the economy. But as a country have we explored this hugely untapped potential that the need for pleasure and solace has for our tourism industry?

Nightlife is the heartbeat of the hospitality industry which is a significant segment of the tourism sector in general. It is the converging point for art, music, pleasure and fashion. Nightlife is as much a part of the story of contemporary culture where businessmen and entrepreneurs can confidently invest in businesses, events and programs that are involved with it without fear of failure. For this to be possible, the existing gap among industry players, city councils, local authorities and most importantly residents in communities where such businesses operate have to be bridged.The most exciting cities in the world never sleep. They are usually the ones with an adventurous, bustling, cutting edge nightlife culture.

Nightlife as an industry is capable of generating billions for government through local authorities and businessmen and entrepreneurs who venture into it. Nightlife is a billion dollar economy in its own right. The Las Vegas’ of this world rake in millions of dollars each year for their buoyant nightlife and the same can be told of Ghana if we are able to present it as a viable option for business investment.
At the national level, nightlife and Tourism go hand in hand. After all is said and done, a typical tourist would usually like to enjoy the evening at some cozy location. Consequently, the growing popularity of nightlife in a country directly boosts her tourism industry. It therefore behooves on us as a country to have a second look at nightlife activities in our cities, if indeed we want to promote tourism in our side of the globe.

Ghana certainly could do more when it comes to nightlife. These activities in whichever form they come; house parties, product launches, live concerts, movie premier et cetera are central to our economic, social and cultural life.

It would be great if the Tourism Ministry under the auspices of the various local authorities should have a department to oversee and champion the course of nightlife. Bringing stakeholders under one umbrella or some association of a sort will also improve and raise standards in the industry. So for the Osu Oxford Streets and the likes of this this country, there sit a huge goldmine and with the right tools, we can start the next gold rush for tourism.

By : Berima Sean Bills