#UNWTOElections: AU Forcing St. Ange’s Withdrawal Undermines Democratic Sensitivities

Mr St Ange at the conference venue in Madrid, Spain

The African Union’s manoeuvrings to get arguably Africa’s most qualified person for the UNWTO position out of the race has finally materialised with Seychelles officially recalling the bid of Minister Alain St Ange two days to the elections.

Touristswatch.com in an interview with Mr Ange last night in Madrid confirmed the development and was livid about the dictatorial manoeuvrings and blackmail by the continental body to get him out of the race.

The sad reality for Africa today is about the opportunity to lead such an important organization as the UNWTO, yet dirty backdoor politicking at the AU has the government of Seychelles withdrawing support for its own.

The candidates are now at five after the forceful withdrawal of Mr St Ange form the race. The interesting dynamics to this development here in Madrid is about how other candidates have been meeting with him to support their bid.

Touristswatch.com can confirm that about three delegations from different campaign teams have met and are in discussions with the former Seychelles Tourism Minister to join their campaign as he is seen by many especially among his former colleagues as a very competent individual.

Mr Ange is expected to release an official statement on the latest development and what his moves will be.

Many industry players and echelons in the tourism industry here present have seen the move as something that doesn’t augur well for Africa especially the manner in which Seychelles and Ange were denied their democratic rights.