Namibia Drops Visa Requirements- For All African Union Member States (AU)


Following Ghana’s announcement in offering visas to all African Union member states upon arrival, from July 2016. Namibia has also decided to follow through to exempt visa requirements for all holders of diplomatic or official passports from the AU-African Union Member states with immediate effects.

This is believe to solve the frustrations of the whole visa process from one African country to another, which sometimes used to take weeks, especially to those in the trading sectors.

“It is against this background that Cabinet at its meeting on 24 May in the Spirit of harambee and African Unity decided to cancel all visa requirements to enter Namibia for all Africans who are holders of diplomatic or official passports with immediate effect,” the statement said.

“Many of our young people found shelter in fellow African countries; enabling them to continue with their education, which in turn equipped them with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the development of our country”.